Foto: Ute Kahmann

Familienfez , 23. Puppentheaterfest

The Little Polar Bear

Studio Stage Room 214

Recommended for 4+


Lars the little polar bear wants nothing more than to set out on an adventure across the wider world. When he finds a crate, his game is brought to a sudden close when it snaps shut. Suddenly, still in the box, Lars finds himself on board an aeroplane. When the 'trap' springs open, he meets Balthasar the walrus and Lea the brown bear. The three escape and Lars' dream comes true as they experience exciting adventures aplenty on the way back to the North Pole.

Written by: Ute Kahmann
Director: Tilman Harte
Puppets, stage & equipment: Peter Röders
Music: Kai Leinweber
Photography: Ute Kahmann
Recommended for: ages 4 to 7
Duration: 45 minutes

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