Puppet Theatre


Melanie Ancic, ages 4+

Recommended for Kita/Vorschulkinder , 3+

"I'll plant a child and make it grow, I'll plant a child, let the water flow..." sings the woman as she carefully waters the earth in the plant pot, as instructed by the witch.
Sure enough a flower grows and there in the leaves is a tiny sleeping girl, scarecely bigger than a thumb. And so begins a journey full of adventure for the tiny girl.


Studio Stage, ages 4+, 50 minutes

Unreserved seating
On weekends and public holidays, tickets also allow access to the main building and the events that are taking place there.

Event dates


Theatre: €6,50 *
Families of 3+: €5 per person *
Kindergartens and schools with a JugendKulturService voucher:
€4 per person
Kindergartens and schools without a JugendKulturService voucher:
€5 per person

* On weekends, public holidays and during the school holidays the price is €1 extra.
The ticket grants the bearer access to the activities in the main building.

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