Foto: Dara Feix

Familienfez , 23. Puppentheaterfest

The Wimpernzwerge – A Turbulent Story About Falling Asleep

Room 332

Recommended for 3+


"There's nothing worse than being alone in my room when it's dark", sings Charlotte. When she falls asleep, she encounters roaring lions, elevators that shoot off into the clouds and planets where ones eyes are always open. She'd rather stay awake, make a racket and play circus games.
But suddenly, she has unexpected guests. The so-called Wimpernzwerge - a lively bunch of tiny little creatures who are always on the move.

Written by: Esther Nicklas
Director: Kristina Feix
Puppets, stage, equipment: Esther Nicklas / Heather MacCrimmon
Music: Franziska Hoffmann, Arrangement: Christian Ulrich
Photography: Dara Feix
Recommended for: ages 3 to 6
Duration: 40 minutes

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