Illustration: Michael Rahn

Familienfez , 23. Puppentheaterfest

Gordon & Tapir

Room 206

Recommended for 3+


"Gordon and Tapir", based on the children's book by Sebastian Meschenmoser

Gordon the penguin is order personified. Unfortunately, he lives with the tapir who is the exact opposite. Tapir is completely at home with chaos and it's no surprise when arguments begin. But before there friendship is threatened, Gordon moves out. An amusing story about chaos and disorder.

Written by: Nicole Gospodarek
Director: Martina Couturier
Puppets, stage & equipment: Silvia Eisele
Photography: Illustration rights belong to Thienemann in the Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart
Recommended for: ages 3 to 8 years
Duration: 45 minutes

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