Puppet Theatre

All Of Us

Theatre Fusion for ages 4+

Recommended for 4+

Listen to the world around you. ONE steps out of the forest. The deer. He's bored. Psst – a mouse whistles away happily. Why? He's found a friend and now, with deer and mouse, there are TWO OF US. Fish wants to join in and forgets that he can't speak. Now there are THREE OF US. FOUR would also like to be there, FIVE looks after everyone and with SIX we've surprised ourseles. Puppets, words, sounds and music join together to explain how ALL OF US develop from individuals. Based on the book "nur wir alle" by Lorenz Pauli and Kathrin Schärer.

Studio Stage, ages 4+, 50 minutes 
Unreserved seating
On weekends and public holidays, tickets also allow access to the main building and the events that are taking place there.



Puppet theater requires prior booking on weekdays and will only take place if 10 bookings are made.

Event dates


Theatre: €6,50 *
Families of 3+: €5 per person *
Kindergartens and schools with a JugendKulturService voucher:
€4 per person
Kindergartens and schools without a JugendKulturService voucher:
€5 per person

* On weekends, public holidays and during the school holidays the price is €1 extra.
The ticket grants the bearer access to the activities in the main building.

Central Reservation
Tel: +4930-53071-250
Email: reservierung(at)fez-berlin.de