Familienfez , orbitall - Raumfahrt im FEZ

Taster Sessions In Astronaut Training

Part of the 10th Family Night

The training hall in the FEZ's Orbitall Space Centre has all the equipment needed to see if you'd cope in space. First of all though, check out their four huge modules taken from the International Space Centre. Alongside these attention-grabbing replicas, there is a range of test equipment, including swivel chairs, rotating discs, aerotrims* and gym wheels. If you want to become a commander, engineer or technician on a space flight, you'll also need to see how you deal with weightlessness and the unique conditions in space. Your balance and fine motor skills are key here.

*Due to technical reasons the aerotrim is currently out of service.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Duration: 30 minutes
Number of Tickets: 10 people, ages 8 and up

Entrance to the FEZ Family Night event is included in the ticket.

Entry is free but tickets must be reserved in advance due to numbers being limited. Bookings can bed made from 16th September via  www.tickets.fez-berlin.de.

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