Fotorechte: Kasia Chmura-Cegielkowska

Familienfez , 23. Puppentheaterfest

Niyar – A Paper Tale

Puppet Stage Room 302

Recommended for 5+


"NIYAR – A Paper Tale" is made entirely out of paper, with not a single word spoken. This poetic journey begins atop a mountain meade entirely out of scrunched up paper. An artist sits there but is never happy with her ideas. Each discarded idea is thrown onto the paper mountain making it even taller. But what would happen when these ideas come to life anyway? NIYAR (the Hebrew word for paper) blurs the boundaries between ideas and reality. A gift of fantasy.

Written by: Maayan Iungman / Philipp Rückriem
Director: Maayan Iungman
Puppets, stage and equipment: Maayan Iungman / Nimrod Erez / Tal Iungman / Chantal Kirch
Music: Thomas Moked Blum
Photography: Kasia Chmura-Cegielkowska, "Puppet is a Human too" Festival, Warsaw
Recommended for: ages 5 and up
Duration: 40 minutes

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