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Platypus Theater, 6th class and up - in Englisch

A treasure hunt through London: This is where you'll need all your knowledge, wit and teamplay in a race against time. Maddy and Tom are already there and you'll need to help them to solve tricky puzzles. Maddy is surprised by Tom's extensive knowledge but also confused by his strange behaviour. An exciting search where the true motives of the game's participants may not always be as they seem.

Astrid Lindgren Stage, 6th and 7th classes, 75 minutes
Unreserved seating
On weekends and public holidays, tickets also allow access to the main building and the events that are taking place there.


Platypus Theater prices:
Individuals: €7
Groups with JKS: €5.50 / Groups without JKS: €6.50

Attention: Tickets and learning materials in preparation for a visit can only be ordered via the Platypus Theater
or Tel. +49(0) 30-61 40 19 20 16

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