The Clown Who Lost His Circus

Platypus Theater, ages 3+ - in English

Recommended for Primary school

A production for new learners of English. Willing the clown wakes up and finds out his circus has left without him. What's he supposed to do now? His stick puppet Lester has an idea. Maybe the children in the audience can help to build a new theatre? Let's get going! Prepare for a fantastic circus show!

Astrid Lindgren Stage, 3rd-4th classes, 60 minutes

Schools with JKS: €4.50 per person
Schools without JKS: €5.50 per person

Attention: Tickets and learning materials in preparation for a visit can only be ordered via the Platypus Theater
 or Tel. +49(0) 30-61 40 19 20 16

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