Top Card Camilla

Platypus Theater, 3rd class and up - in English

Recommended for Primary school

During a playground scuffle, Finn and Lukas lose 2 of their precious game cards. They have no idea that they have managed to bring the 2 powerful characters on the cards to life. Now they suddenly find themselves on a mission to protect Princess Camilla from the deadly assassin Martia. A race against time is about to begin.

Astrid Lindgren Stage, 3rd and 4th classes, 80 minutes


Platypus Theater Prices:

Individuals: €7
Groups with JKS: €5.50 / Groups without JKS: €6.50

Attention: Tickets and learning materials in preparation for a visit can only be ordered via the Platypus Theater
 or Tel. +49(0) 30-61 40 19 20 16

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