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Kids! It's Time For Theatre!

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19th Children's Theatre Festival In The FEZ Berlin

This year's children's theatre festival returns with another huge programme featuring children putting on a show for other children. Over 30 youth theatre, dance and circus groups have been invited to appear on stage and impress with their singing and dancing.
Whether you're watching a shadow theatre production, a puppet play or attending workshops for make-up, costumes or props, you're invited to take part.

We're also delighted to be able to welcome shows from the inclusive arts scene for the first time. A variety of performances will be brought to you by youth groups promoting theatre and dance to disabled or disadvantaged children.

The FEZ is open and accessible to everyone. A sign language interpreter will also be present during the event.

Stage Programme

Children's theatre and dance groups from all over Berlin are descending on the FEZ to put on a show for children and their families. View the stage programme here...


Artist Karl Neukauf will be playing for you on Saturday and Sunday in the Foyer.

Interactive Shadow Theatre

An interactive shadow show takes place on Saturday 23rd February from 5pm to 6pm in the bright lights of the Foyer. We've got a special 8m x 4m shadow wall for the performance.

Costumes, Makeup & Props

Children in the audience can also get involved in the action thanks to an area where they can try on makeup, build their own set or design their own costume. Props can also be made or perhaps a puppet figure. Once everything is in place, why not have a go at telling your own short story with what you've designed?


Musician and presenter, Saschinka Tillner will present the on-stage show, with hosting shows for children one of the favourite parts of her job.

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sst 23rd February, 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Sun 24th February, 
12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Day Ticket: €4.00*
Families of 3+: €3.50 per person*
*includes material costs and cinema

Online Ticket


  • Tanztheater Piccolino
  • Balletschule Szilvia Wolf
  • Homer Grundschule
  • Tanzgruppe der Ulmengrundschule
  • "RiWa Totales Theater" (Richard-Wagner GS)
  • FraKiMa Werkstatt Bernau
  • Ludwig-Cauer-Grundschule
  • Ikarus Kinder (Ikarus GS)
  • Ballettschule Balancé
  • Musical-Ab 5./6.Klasse(Ludwig Cauer GS)
  • Akro-kids
  • Modern Teens from Studio Balu
  • Tanzwerkstatt No Limit e.V.
  • AG "Schwarzlicht" from the Albatros Schule
  • Theaterkindergarten gGmbH
  • Tanztheater Straußberg
  • Theatergruppe Victoria (Schule an der Victoriastadt)
  • Evin e.V und das Projekt Team groopies, sozial benachteiligte und lernschwache Kinder
  • Mummelsollgrundschule - Schule mit körperlich und geistig behinderten Kinder


  • "Mini Move"
  • Tanzstudio "KOLiBRi – BERLiN"
  • Tanzgruppe from Kompass
  • Theater AG der Justus from Liebig GS
  • Die Hellersdorfer Tanzflöhe from the "Kindergarten zu den Seen"
  • Rhytmik – Gruppe HUGO
  • Die Charlie’s - Puppentheater
  • Die Charlie’s Theatergruppe
  • Theater "Fairytale" Thale
  • Theater AG der dreieins GS Berlin-Kaulsdorf
  • Frau Blumes wilder Haufen from the Zwergenhöhle der SOZDIA
  • SESB-Theater-AG from the Athene-GS and the Gymnasium Steglitz
  • Café Mystique - Kinder-& Jugendcompany tanzApartment
  • Elements - an inclusive dance project with refugees and other Berliner kids (sponsored by Chance Tanz)
  • Flugkörper - an inclusive dance project with children who are deaf or hard of hearing (sponsored by Chance Tanz)
  • CABUWAZI Beyond Boarders Inklusiver Zirkus mit Kindern und Jugendlichen aus geflüchteten Familie
  • PSV Olympia Berlin e.V. – “Little Lexys”
  • PSV Olympia Berlin e.V. - "Mini Move"