Tues 15th to Sun 20th November

21st Puppet Theatre Festival

Introductions & Workshops for Kindergartens & School from 21st to 24th November and Family Weekend on 25th & 26th November


Sponsorship: Christian Bahrmann, Presenter of KiKANiNCHEN – Puppet Theatre Spectaculum – Prenzlkasper

Dear puppet theatre fans,

It's finally time once again! The FEZ Berlin is awakening all of our most exciting objects and materials ready for a host of adventure-filled stories as the entire building turns into a puppet theatre. That's right, it's the return of the Puppet Theatre Festival for its 21st edition.

Findus will surprise Petterson, Frederick the little mouse will enjoy life, a swarm of bags go on a voyage, the little Rabe Socke is looking for new friends, Ronja will run around the Mattis Forest with Birk, while Sinbad the Sailor sails across the seas. Alongside all of the above, many more well-known charcters from stories known in Germany and internationally will be making an appearance.

So, come and help me discover puppet theatre in all its glory with hundreds of colours, voices and figures represented in over 100 productions across 24 stages.

Not only that but there's also the chance to be creative yourself and take part in some of the shows. 
I look forward to seeing you in the FEZ Berlin and once again having the opportunity to perform for you.

See you soon,


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Introductions & Workshops For Kindergartens & Schools

During our festival week from 21st to 24th November, we're inviting school classes and kindergarten groups to all sorts of interactive activities including stick puppet games, shadow theatre workshops, black light theatre, model making and countless productions.

The curtain is being raised for all children in the 2nd class to the 6th class.

To the productions and workshops

Information, dates and prices can be obtained by contacting Central Reservation on +49(0) 30-530 71 250.

Family Weekend

During our big family weekend, we invite families to come to our puppet theatre festival where they will laugh, rejoice, be scared and amazed by the activities and shows on offer.

The stage is free for the kids on one of our join-in stage activities. Meanwhile the shadow play area and the black light experiment centre ware also awaiting your enthusiasm and energy.

To the family weekend.