The FEZ Berlin offers a varied program of events for all the family during 50 weekends of the year. Each weekend, the FEZ for Families program incorporates a different theme. The events offer both children and parents some challenging spare-time activities, and encourage them to join in and have a go themselves.

Alice Museum For Children

"Tell Me Something About Death" An interactive exhibition about the before and after. A production by the Alice Museum For Children in conjunction with the Francke Foundations in Halle. Open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am to 5pm. more...

A Journey Through Time

Berlin's best summer holiday event!
Taking place in Berlin's summer holidays is the "A Journey Through Time - 1517" event. Experience a middle-aged settlement and take an active role in its running. In the event of rain, an indoor version of the game will be available. Pre-registered groups receive priority entrance! more...

Young visitors to the FEZ Forest Park will find some interesting attractions. Various playgrounds invite youngsters to clamber around, play games and relax.

Berlin Summer Holiday Calendar

View exciting tips for the summer holidays with the Berlin Summer Holiday Calendar.

What's On?

The FEZ Calendar gives you an overview of all our family activites and themed weekends that are taking place in the FEZ Berlin.