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FEZ Party Room

Celebrating Children's Birthdays At The FEZ

To make children's birthdays at the FEZ a special occasion for all guests and, of course, for the birthday child, we have the following to offer:

FELTASTIC! Felty Flower Dreams on the Eco island

Felting is one of the oldest textile trades and fascinates adults and children alike. The birthday guests will first learn the technique, then there will be no limits to their creative possibilities! Woollen materials and any other necessary worktools will be provided, the children just need to bring some passion for getting involved and being creative. A good rest outdoors at the garden pond, to round things off, comes courtesy of itself. Facepainting is also possible on request.

Note!: due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, please advise guests to wear weatherproof clothing when you send the invites out.

Bookings: on request (Mai- Nov.)
Duration: 4 hours
Age group: 6 years or older
Price: 130€ 
Capacity: 10 children (plus 2 accompanying adults)

Children's Birthdays in the Orbitall Space Centre

Birthday guests can celebrate in our Orbitall space travel centre and see how good they are on the training equipment. An exciting film about the life of astronauts in space adds a finishing complement.

Age group: 8 years and up
Bookings: on request
Price: €100
Capacity: 10 children (from the 11th child, a cost of €5 per child shall be applied up to 8 additional participants.
Capacity includes space for 2 accompanying adults

Storybook Cinema - Get Involved!

Let your imagination flow in the special atmosphere of our "Fezino" cinema. Pictures wait to be seen, discovered and understood. Listen to stories, relate them to others, make up some new ones of your own and act them out - and all of this in a proper cinema! What could be more exciting? Children can experience the fascination of pictures in various ways. And these experiences, or the subjects of their storybooks, will be represented in a number of artistic ways - with the use of noises, musical scores, language and other theatrically-educational approaches. All of this with an emphasis on having a good time and learning something.

We offer a range of several storybook cinemas. Further information on this, on how our progams are structured and on how to book can be found on the organiser's website.

Bookings: can be made (subject to availability) by filling out the Kinderfilm Berlin e.V.'s contact form 
Duration: 2 hours / Age groups: 4-8 years
1-5 children: 75€ all-inclusive  
From 6th child upwards: 12.50€ per child
Capacity: 12 children max.

Cartoon Studio

Create your own cartoon film in the cartoon studio of the "Kinderfilm Berlin e.V." company. It looks so easy on TV and cinema screens, but in reality it often isn't! With us though, you can make your own cartoon film under guidance. First we will explain how the recording program works. Next, the film to be made shall be agreed upon between the children and the project guide. The first few pictures will be taken together. Then, a small film will come together out of a large number of individual pictures. These will be collated and processed on a Mac. The result will depend, among other things, on how much preparation and precision goes into your work!

Further information on the program structure and how to book can be found on the organiser's website.

Bookings: subject to availability - please use the Kinderfilm Berlin e.V.'s contact form to book.
Duration: 2.5 hours approx.
Age group: from 8 years 
1-5 children: 75€ all-inclusive 
From 6th child: 15€ per child
Capacity: 9 children max.


Be the star in a film at last! Come on, who hasn't dreamt of that at least once? However, although it might look easy on TV and in the cinema, in reality it often isn't. With us though, you can stand in front of the camera and experience what it feels like to slip into other people's roles in your own little film. We want to encourage the children's creativity, so they have to really get into the situation of each shot and "play theatre". Mirror-inverted, of course, for the camera.

The children will act out their own story and receive a small glimpse of the world of filmmaking. The greenbox or greenscreen technology makes it possible to use any picture as the background picture. This means all sorts of manipulative possibilities as well. The children will realise they've never actually been to these places after all!

More information on how the program is structured and how to book can be found on the organiser's website.

Bookings: subject to availability - can be booked using the Kinderfilm Berlin e.V.'s contact form  
Duration: 3 hours approx.
Age group: 9 years or more 
1-5 children: 75€ all-inclusive
From 6th child: 15€ per child
Capacity: 10 children max.


If you have a fine nose and enjoy the outdoors and some fresh air, then geocaching is just the thing for you! Add the fact that you'll be learning a lot about film, and it becomes twice as interesting. Treasure hunts are always an exciting occasion and can be the highlight of the day on someone's birthday. Gone are the days when people went on the hunt for hidden treasure with a compass and written clues - today we use GPS devices. We will head out together on a journey of discovery on the FEZ Berlin's premises, looking for hidden clues and concealed items. The tour will include riddles and exercises based around the film aspect. Can you find the treasure's coordinates, and thus the answers? That's all you're allowed to know for now! The nature of the treasure will be decided and provided by the parents themselves (e.g. sweets).

More information on the program's structure and how to book can be found on the organiser's website.

Bookings: subject to availability - please use the Kinderfilm Berlin e.V.'s contact form to book  
Duration: 2 hours approx.
Age groups: 8-14 years
1-6 children: 75€ all-inclusive 
From 7th child: 12.50€ per child
Capacity: 12 children max.


Reservations can be made by phone on
T: +4930-53071-333
or by e-mail to reservierung(at)